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Ringworm & breathing difficulty due to enlarged adenoids

When I first made contact with Dr. Shu, I was in a difficult situation. My child had scalp ringworm, which conventional medicine can not treat without medication. Throughout my initial enounters with Dr. Shu, I kept wondering if she knew this. Moreover, I heard Dr. Shu mention a time span of a few weeks to see results. However, I thought that this would surely take a few months. Even though she had shared a testimonial from another ringworm patient, I still was not sure that this case - having progressed into the hair follicle - was within the reach of a naturopathic approach. 

Fast forward to a few weeks later, and my son's bald spot is complefely gone. We are still using the treatment. However, I believe the worst is over.

P. T.

Los Angeles, CA.