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You still suffer and nothing works

You still suffer and nothing works

You still suffer and nothing worksYou still suffer and nothing worksYou still suffer and nothing works

after you have seen many specialists and tried many remedies and drugs.

COIVD-19 Service update

If you have have cold/flu symptoms

or want to boost your immune system,

we can offer the following medical care.

There is no confirmed cure or preventive methods for COVID-19. Several medications and remedies are in clinical trial. Our herbs have not been tested in COVID-19 patients and We do not know whether they will prevent or treat COVID-19. We only know they can help severe cold/flu based on patients’ responses in the past.

Step 1:

We can have a telephone consultation to determine whether it is appropriate to ship the pre-made herbs to you, prescribe drugs, schedule an appointment at our clinic for further evaluation, or you need to go to the hospital.

Step 2:

If appropriate, we can deliver 3-12 days of herbal remedies to boost your immune system or to reduce the rapid progress of respiratory infection before the customized herbs are made. The pre-made formula is based on the recent severe cold/flu symptoms, coronavirus symptoms, and herbs used in coronavirus patients in China.

You can pick up the herbs or we can deliver them to you through USPS or UPS.

Step 3:

We will start to work on your immune system or cold/flu treatment including prescription drugs and/or your customized herbs specific for your symptoms before you finish the pre-made herbs or drugs. There are several versions of the herbal formula used in the coronavirus infected patients in China. It focuses on reducing fever, clearing lung phlegm and inflammation, sore throat, cough, etc. The correct method is to give herbs and/or drugs based on symptoms and diagnosis, not standardized groups of herbs.

Step 4:

If you need to come in to our clinic for the COVID-19 test, other tests, or any activities requiring your physical presence, you are well protected. We do not allow more than 1 patient per time slot. We also schedule each patient at least 3 hours apart because we need time to thoroughly clean after each patient. The 3-hour time slot is based upon a new study of how long COVID-19 can stay in an aerosol form. We also only finish the visit requiring your presence and finish the rest of visits virtually through teleconference. 

We are  fully equipped w/face shields, masks, hair covers, shoe covers, coveralls, etc. We disinfect or dispose of all personal protect equipment after seeing each patient. We open the clinic doors to help air circulation. All the workers at the clinic are also required to test COVID-19 periodically, showing negative results to continue providing care to patients. This new process is to protect each patient.  

Step 5:

Please refer to  " COVID-19 " for  other information  e.g " How to protect yourself from COVID-19" and " Potential methods to boost your immune system against COVID-19".

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