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Respiratory/gastrointestinal system & gyn

Chronic Cough, URI, and GERD

Dr. Shu is the best!!!  I had a chronic cough for five months before seeing Dr. Shu.  I was treated by my general doctor, a lung specialist, an ENT, and a GI docotor.  I was on so many medications that I was on a first name basis with the entire pharmacy staff, yet I still wasn’t getting better. 

Lucky for me, I learned about Dr Shu.  She was the first Doctor that looked for the sorce of my problems and didn’t treat just my symptoms. All though I wasn’t cured yet, I started feeling relief within the first week. I have only coughed if I have forgotten to take my concoction.  I have even had some pretty stressful days and my stomach stayed stable. This made me so happy because for the first time in months, I knew I was on the road to recovery.

Dr. Shu’s attention to detail is amazing!  I have never seen a doctor give so much of themselves to their patients.  She spends a lot of time with you in her office and e-mails and calls whenever needed.  There were times when we were in touch daily, because she wanted to get to the root of the problem.  

Thank you Dr. Shu!!!!  You have brought knowledge, caring and seeing the big picture back to medacine.  Something the Western doctors have lost. 

1 week after: 

I did bad on two Meals this weekend both dinners. I had a cough attack last night when I went to bed so I won't be doing that again. I think the diet you have me on is working. I'm weighed in at 149lbs this morning. Haven't been under 150 in a long time.

1 month after: 

I actually haven't taken herbs or meds in a week and have been doing great. This is the first time since November that I haven't been on any medications.  I was a mess before I came to you.  But not only did you figure out what was ailing me, but you healed me.  I will forever be grateful!!!

CA- Lawndale, California

Abdominal pain, chronic sinus congestion, and arthritis

I came to Dr. Shu almost one year ago for stomach issues, fatigue, and overall malaise.  

After running into many dead ends with traditional MD's Dr. Shu started treating me for my ailments. She has been nothing less than thorough and patient.  She is very intuitive.  She see's me on a weekly basis and adjusts medications according to my symptoms. Mine has not been a cookie cutter case but I am gaining strength and feeling better. Dr. Shu NEVER gives you an attitude and genuinely cares about her patients.  She is one of the most hard working women Iv'e ever met and even when I sometimes would give up on myself she never did.  

She follows through with phone calls, emails, and is never hard to get ahold of when I had a question.  She has opened a whole new world of alternative medicine and I see the great value in it.  Dr. Shu doesn't just mask your problems with pharmaceutical prescription drugs.  She finds the problem and works to heal your body so it can take over and heal and protect itself.  She is very good at working on the immune system.  I highly recommend Dr. Pat Shu for anything that ails you large or small.

KS, Palos Verdes Peninsula, California

Parasite and fungal infection

I found Dr. Shu to be the most attentive, caring and thorough doctor I have ever met. 

Every Single thing she prescribes has been carefully selected by her. I do not think I 
can ever go to another doctor. If you want a life-long doctor, she is it. You can be assure and you will be taken care of. I recommend her to everyone. Whatever your problem-metal or physical, she will get to the bottom of it!
I initially went to dr. She to help me with Blastocystis hormones + Dientamobae fragilis-2 parasites that other doctors said I would have to take antibiotics for but Dr. She fixed me up with some herbs. In a few months time, they were gone. But Dr. Shu doesn't just give up on you; she will work to get to the core problems-why you get sick in the first place-(which is really what every doctor should do) and work with you on that. So you will be the optimal you. She's the best. 

MK, Redondo Beach, California


I came to Dr. Shu in July with a bad bronchial infection. Dr. Shu put me on a herbal decoction

for several weeks and I have regained my health back to normal. We are now working on lowering my cholesterol. 

Thank you

Dr. Pat Shu

RS, San Pedro, California

Abdominal pain, UTI, and vaginitis

I have been seeing Dr. Pat Shu for a couple of months now. She is a very caring naturopathic doctor who truly listens to what your ailments are to get to the root of your problems, not just the symptoms. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that usually only treat symptoms she really tries to get down to the heart of the matter.  What patients have to remember is that healing naturally takes time. Be patient while on the path to recovery. Don't expect a magic pill.

One of the other things I like about Dr. Shu is the fact that she researches all her herbs and vitamins to ensure they are organic or at a minimum without pesticides or chemicals. 

As a naturopathic doctor I highly recommend Dr. Shu.

DM, Torrance, California