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My 1 year old daughter had  rash around her mouth and behind one of her knees for several months when we finally came to see Dr. Shu. She had been told by her pediatrician that her symptoms were fairly normal and should subside with age. She was given a corticosteroid cream which only worked on occasion but didn't prevent further flare ups.  I had been informed that she most likely wasn't having any reactions to food, as she would have a severe rash over her entire body if this were the case. I knew there was more to the story.

Seeking out naturopathic treatment, I found Dr. Shu.  Immediately I sensed her dedication and interest in my daughter's case as we had a lengthy phone conversation before even scheduling the first appointment. Dr. Shu made accommodations to have an appointment the following day. During the first appointment, Dr. Shu took more time with my daughter than all other previous appointments combined. From the get go, Dr. Shu made herself available via phone or email for any concerns that arose between appointments. She would frequently check in throughout treatment just to see how things were going or offer any additional information that she found from studying my daughter's case.
She even took on my own complicated health history and was able to shed some light on some previously unexplored areas.

 Dr Shu definitely had a challenge working with my 18 month old, but she was extremely patient, kind, thorough and relentless in finding the cause of the rashes.  We followed her method of treatment and  began to see improvement in her skin condition very quickly and drastically.   We are so appreciative  of Dr. Shu and her commitment to healing.  

After 6 months:

After 2 months of treatment, the rashes were gone. We are about 6 months post treatment now and the rashes are still no where to be found. We continue to apply the knowledge that we learned through Dr.Shu about what my daughter's body requires to maintain rash free. 

Thank you for blessing us,

JC, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA