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Musculoskeletal Problems

After seeing my podiatrist for 2 mos along with an MRI, I was told I needed to have surgery

on my left food. I was wearing a boot and pretty depressed by it. I then seeked out an 

alternative route and found Dr. Shu. I started her program in February, she had a very 

thorough form to fill out and asked many questions, her solutions made sense so I did her 

program and was diligent in following her orders. I noticed after a mo. My pn and swelling 

had decreased and I was feeling better generally. She addressed the arthritis in my neck, 

and my yearly allergies as well. In March, I was told I didn't need surgery, I was very happy, 

also I didn't have my allergy and if I needed to, I could take the herbs she prescribed for me, 

I haven't had a flare up, as for my arthritis, that has improved too. I'm currently drinking 

special herb tea designed to make my body even healthier. I would highly recommend Dr. 

Shu, as I have gotten very good results. My next goal, lose 20lbs. 

Treatments going well. I've lost 5 lbs by doing Dr Shu's weight loss program.   I don't find myself craving junk!   This is good for me, as that's where I gain my weight.  It's a discipline program. 

After drinking the tea and applying the tea to my eyes, not even 24 hrs. I've noticed my eye lids are no longer irritated and itchy.   Amazing

DC, Torrance, California

I have several health problems and Dr.Shu is working hard to find the root of the problems and fix them. She is always available, even on Sunday. I am starting to feel better and I have also lost ten pounds since March.

US, Harbor City, California

Dr. Pat Shu helped me with a Plantar Facitious problem. I have dealt with this same issue 
several years ago and it is very diblitating! We started with acupuncture, which helped 
somewhat but not to the extent needed to get back to normal workouts and pain free walking. 
I had prior, prolotherapy on a shoulder for a 50% tear in my rotator cuff, with great success. 
Dr. Shu suggested that we try it on my foot as a way to treat the Plantar Fasciitis. Dr. Shu did 
the prolotherapy injections on my foot, mainly the heel area. There was a great amount of 
swelling and I was on crutches for 5 days. It took about a month for the major improvement to begin, within 3 months after, there was absolutely ZERO pain and I had full use of my foot at all times with no pain! It has been almost 1 year now, and I still have no pain whatsoever in that foot, and am able to hike, run, exercise, and live without the pain from Plantar Fasciitis! I would HIGHLY recommend having this type of treatment to resolve the Plantar Fasciitis, as the traditional alternatives are surgery (YIKES!!) or cortisone injections (which I do not want in my body). Thank You Dr. Shu , you are AWESOME!!!  

Teri Nugent, Scottsdale, Arizona

I had PRP and prolotherapy treatments about nine months ago for knee pain which had plagued me over a decade. The PRP injection addressed the degenerative osteoarthritis in my knee. After a couple of treatments, I currently have no pain. I also followed Dr. Shu’s weight loss suggestions and so far have lost twelve pounds. I am back to dancing, walking and enjoying life.  

Clyde Sharp, Mesa, Arizona

In 1957 I injured my left knee preparing for a wrestling match in Minneapolis, MN.  The injury was bad enough that I limped badly for almost nine months.  Our family doctor was of the opinion that I had torn the cartilage or meniscus in my left knee.  I told him I had heard it pop, which was a sign that I had torn the meniscus.

In those days the healing protocol was to operate and sew it back together, which I refused to do hoping it would heal by itself which it supposedly finally did. 

As of 2013 and at the age of 83, I was suffering from pain in that leg as bad as when I first injured it.  My primary doctor had my knees x-rayed and found that the left knee was, due probably to the injury, now bone on bone.  My ability to stand in one spot was reduced to one or two minutes and my walking had become a shuffle of no more than forty yards before I had to sit down.  So my primary doctor setup an appointment with a doctor who “specialized” in helping those with rheumatic or arthritic conditions.  During my appointment this doctor gave me a shot beneath the knee cap of Sinvisc which supposedly was to “cushion” or become a “meniscus like” substance between the bones.  A day later he told me that there was some cortisone mixed in with that shot, a substance I did not want, but was told that it was used to help reduce pain. This shot worked and gave me “some” relief but the effects didn’t last.

Early this year 2014, one of my daughters found Dr. Pat Shu who used “platelet rich plasma” (PRP) shots using your own blood platelets injected into your knee or joint to prompt your body to basically heal itself.  Dr. Shu sits with you and goes over your diet, makes suggestions in changing your diet to help eliminate swollen joints to be able to prepare you for the procedure. I had the first procedure done and the healing process has been nothing but miraculous.  I can now stand probably almost indefinitely.  My walking has become normal and the pain has been reduced significantly to almost zero and I can walk for one hundred yards or more. One hundred yards or more may not seem like much, but after several years of being in pain mostly sitting and walking only 40 yards, the turn-around has been amazing.   What is next on my agenda is to practice my balance, lengthen my walking distance and standing endurance.  All I can say about this “PRP” therapeutic system is the fact that I believe it will make artificial joint repairs a thing of the past and a primitive way of helping those with worn out joints.  

I have nothing but a very high opinion of Dr. Pat Shu in helping me with my pain and problem.

Thank you Dr. Shu.

I started PRP Treatments with Dr. Pat Shu because I injured my left knee in 1957 wrestling which left my knee functioning at about 30%.  My ability to walk 40 yards was a nightmare of shuffling and pain, and I could only stand for no more than 30 seconds, any longer and I couldn’t move, I couldn’t even shuffle.  I had my first PRP Treatment back in July and what a difference compared to a Sinvisc and cortisone shot I had about two months prior.  That Sinvisc treatment only lasted a week, but after that first PRP Treatment I could then walk 100 to 200 yards and I could stand in one spot probably 5 to 10 minutes or maybe even longer then walk away.  My best estimation was now my left knee was functioning at about 75%, so I had a second PRP Treatment in August.  This second treatment had me almost to the point of using that leg for ambulating up a set of shallow steps.  My estimation at that point was that that knee was functioning at about 85% to 90%.  I went in today, September 3, 2014, for my third PRP Treatment.  As I see it, each treatment has been a positive step forward in spite of the fact that my knee injury is 57 years old.  The recuperation process is a bit painful, but using ice and following doctor’s orders is so well worth the effort.  The pain dissipates and the function is increased and no knives involved!

Thanks to the PRP Treatments and the proper care and interest that Dr. Pat Shu displays and bestows on each of her patients.

Joel Di Marco – Torrance, CA

U.S. Powerlifting Association/2014 Hall of Fame Recipient

After a shoulder injury from a MVA I suffered from limited mobility and pain when trying to raise my shoulder. I tried many other approaches to alleviate my shoulder discomfort without avail. After seeking treatment from Dr. Pat Shu, I immediately starting seeing improvement in my functionality and also a decrease in my discomfort. 

Louis Simms, Jr, Chandler, Arizona