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Chronic Rash and URI




Our 6 year old daughter had been suffering with a persistent rash around her mouth and under her eyes for 5 months when we finally found Dr. Shu. She had been diagnosed with dermatitis and prescribed a corticosteroid cream which did not work and in fact made the condition worse.  We were told diet had nothing to do with her condition and all we could do was apply this steroid cream when the rash flared up.  It was very discouraging.  

We decided to seek out a naturopathic doctor and we found Dr. Shu.  I knew we had made the right decision when my first phone call with her lasted almost 30 minutes long.  She already knew more about my daughter and spent more time discussing her condition then the 2 doctors and 4 doctor visits we had experienced in the previous 2 months.  Dr. Shu has been extremely prompt with all our communication and has never left us waiting. We have been very impressed with her integrity and her dedication to our daughters health.  (and working with a 6 year old child in this capacity certainly is not easy!)


We went to see Dr. Shu and were immediately welcomed into her healing environment.  She treated my daughter gently and considered every possibility as to why she had this consistent rash.  (diet, allergies, lifestyle, sleeping patterns, activities, etc.) she spoke directly to my daughter and listened closely to her answers.  We followed her course of treatment and after a couple weeks began to see improvement in her skin condition as well as her overall health.  Each time we saw Dr. Shu she spent a considerable amount of time speaking with my daughter and I and asking extensive questions and taking notes as well as examining her.  She adjusted her treatment as needed based on her gathered information.  It was such a refreshing change from the 5 minute visits we had been getting with the previous doctors.  After 5 weeks of treatment with Dr. Shu my daughters condition has improved dramatically and the rash is gone and her overall health is balanced and much improved.  She is back to her vibrant self and full of energy.  We are so pleased and impressed with Dr. Shu and her integrity and extremely knowledgable approach to whole body natural health, we cannot recommend her enough! 

Thank you Dr. Shu!

RK, ​San Pedro, CA