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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis & Degenerative Arthritis

Prior to me getting sick we were planning on buying a home but those plans were put on hold after my neurologist said that in most likelihood I had ALS and ALS specialists confirmed 

that conclusion. My wife was determined that this was not the case and she found you.  Over the last year you have been a miracle worker for us. I am able to do things today that I did not think I would be able to do ever again.  I feel stronger than I have in a long time and a lot of the symptoms that made my life unbearable have gone away or have extremely decreased.

Prior to going to Dr. Shu my life was pretty bleak.  I suffered from muscle loss in my arms, shoulder, thighs, calves and feet.  I had fasciculations all throughout my body but primarily in my legs, stomach and Arms.  My right foot felt like it was going to drop.  It felt weak and if I stood for longer than 15 minutes, my legs hurt.  I visited a neurologist who believed i had ALS.  I visited an ALS specialist who believed I had ALS.  My general practitioner could not figure out what was wrong with me. I suffered from depression, i was inactive and was reaching a breaking point. 

Her sessions are not 15 minutes like most doctor visits.  Doctors make you fill out countless forms and ask you about your history in those forms but they never do anything with them.  You go into the office and it feels as if they never looked at your medical records or the forms they have you fill out. Dr. Shu does not do that.  Before I visited her, she had studied my file, lab results, MRI, and spinal tap.  Her session is not 15 minutes.  Every time i see her I feel as if I matter.  She tested me for everything and made adjustments to her teas.  I was skeptical about how effective the teas could be but over time my symptoms became less intense.  We did two plasma rich platelets treatments on my lower back and one on my neck based off the results of my MRI. The treatments allowed me to walk and to stand without pain.  We also did two extensive food allergy tests and with a drastic change in my diet, my fasciculations in my thighs have stopped and the fasciculations in my calves have really decreased.  I’m back to working out. I can’t run or jump because of my back but I do bike regularly and do spin classes.  

Dr. Shu has really changed my life.  She is thorough and goes home and thinks about your health concerns.  With other doctors, I felt as if I was alone in my journey.  I felt like I did not matter. The beauty about Dr. Shu is that I can go home and not think about my health concerns because she is doing it.  The ability to not have panic attacks because of my failing health is part of the reason why I have been able to heal.  The value of peace of mind and to feel that you are in good hands is priceless.  

R. H. Lakewoods, CA