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Acute Allergy

Dr. Shu is a very dedicated doctor. When I had seen Dr. Shu I had severe hives, itchiness and swelling for a week. I had gone to the doctor & was prescribed steroids & several other hive reducing medicine. Yet the hives, itchiness and swellng were not going away. It even got so bad I had to go to the hospital because I was having trouble breathing. They gave me more prescriptions to take yet no relief. That's when I went to see Dr. Shu.

She was very through in getting to the root of the problem. Her dedication & commitment to my wellness was so refreshing. I quickly started to see my health turn around. 

I've seen naturalpathic doctors in the past & have to say they are the way to lasting wellness. You have to be patient because it's not a quick fix because you are healing not masking symptoms you are healing & restoring the body.

My girlfriend was so impressed with my results with Dr. Shu that she too is now seeing her. If you are looking for a dedicated doctor that is committed to your health & well being Dr. Shu is the doctor for you.

This month has been difficult & I know so many patients go through this for much longer than a month or two & my heart goes out to them. I'm just so thankful for finding you & all you have done for me. Health comes first for me & sometimes you get caught up in everyday life that you forget or put it off. Thank you for getting me back on track, starting to truly feel like myself again. I can't thank you enough :)


Redondo Beach, California